In fact there's not a lot to tell about me. I was born in 1977, a point in time where the peak of the ''jukebox culture'' was already passed for some time. Anyhow i was taken by the jukebox-fever at the sweet age of 15 and it did never let me loose on from then. My first Jukebox was a Wurlitzer Americana (W3110) which i was able to buy for approximately $2. As emerged later on there were some missing parts (some speakers, the record motor,....) When demanding the local gaming machine operators i was told that that ''thing'' was too old and there was absolutely no chance to get any spare parts. That's why i slaughtered out old Hi-Fi equipment in order to get hold of some spare parts. After some hard labor it really played a song again. It didn't sound very well but i was really proud to give those arrogant ''professionals'' a lesson ;-) Thanks to the internet i got meanwhile hold of all the missing original parts for my ''first one''. Since that time my collection is steadily growing and a lot of jukeboxes have come and gone. I'm most interested in the act of restoring the different jukeboxes, often in horrible state, to their original condition and to get those machines up and playing again. Shamefaced i must declare that even after the restoration of dozens of jukeboxes, my Wurlitzer Americana is still awaiting her restoration. But postponed is not abandoned; and as foundation stone of my collection it won't surely be forgotten... For questions and suggestions simply send me a mail to: webmaster@jukebox.lu